Monday, July 11, 2011

Leo: Eleven Months Old

Hey friends!

Meowie wowie! Leo is 11 months old!
Actually ... um ... he is ONE DAY AWAY
*sniff sniff* *single tear*
I am a little behind here, clearly.
But, better late than never!

Here is what has been happening with the little dude:
Walking? Who needs it! 
Leo likes to run!
Although he got some new shoes
that will slow him down temporarily
until he gets used to them
He is saying "Ya! Ya! Ya!" 
and "done" (I think)
Lots of "oooooo"ing these days
and fun noises with his tongue (see video)
Does a good pattycake with the "rolling" motion
Trying lots of new foods
And seeming to like to organize things
And after nine months with his fabulous babysitter
(Thank you K.C.!)
he started day care / school today
and did great!

Here are some pics and videos
from the past month! 

Still as cute as ever
Started swim lessons
Keep on swimming!
Taking a break with mom.
Uncle Tony and fam came for a visit
He's so silly
Dinner time
Kisses and laughs with mom
Father's day
With his best bud
New sandals for summer
Watering plants with Grandpa
Filling the can
Snuggling with his buddies
Say what?
First parade - 4th of July 2011
Saw some fun things ...
And some scary things ...
Leo says Ooooo fun
Then Ooooo scary
More fun!
With his twin
Father and son; Yes, I know, he looks like his dad.
With his buds Lyla and Evan
Running on the new basement carpet
A visit from the armpit monster
First day of school. New backpack (thanks Auntie Christine)
and new kicks (thanks Grandma)
Ready to make new friends!

That's all for now!
C + A + L

1 comment:

jward4 said...

Happy Birthday, munchkin!

I love the green bean and spice organizing videos. I'm not sure Kate and I are quite ready for home owning yet ... you guys make it seem easier than it is.

Thanks for the update!