Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Basement is FINALLY done!! Hooray!

Wow. I am so exhausted.
And I usually like to post pictures of big projects
after everything looks perfect.
But, I now understand that, when you have a child, 
getting to perfect in your house takes a lot longer.
So ... I will post what we have now!!

To sum up this project:
It used to look like this (scroll down in the linked post for pics).
It took twice as long as the contractor promised me --
was told 4-5 weeks, took about 8-9 weeks --
but we are happy with the end result.
And we now have our basement back as 
livable, enjoyable space with lots of room for 
playing and hanging out!

The tour:
Staircase down. Yes, the two corner stairs need the carpet
put back on (see! not perfect!) They were temporarily
removed to get our new couch down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs. An open living room / playroom area.
The doorway you see behind the couch goes to a small bedroom.

Another view at the bottom of the stairs. Left door goes to a bedroom.
Right door leads to a full bath. The bookcases in between are from
my former office. We're adding doors to these so we can hide
some of our stuff.

Another view. New 47" TV. Ikea TV stand from Craigslist.
The taupe chair swivels so it can face the TV or Leo's play area.
That is a big closet with sliding doors in the back by the play area.

Leo's area. To be filled with toys soon enough.

More of Leo's area.

Bathroom. Yes, there are still tags on my rugs.
Wanted to see if I liked them. I am kind of
scheeved out by a toilet rug ... but it keeps
your feet warm. It is a basement, after all.
What to do, what to do?

Shower stall. Off white subway tile inside.

Ikea vanity with two big drawers. Blue-y grey towels.

Behind the door.
Close up of bathroom floor tile. It is a greenish grey with brown edges.

Door from main area into laundry space.

Laundry room. New tile floor in shades of brown. New back door. 

Storage cabinets. Doors on wall lead to storage that is under the staircase.

Laundry! That nook back by the electrical box will eventually be
Adam's workbench/tool area.

The giant dehumidifier that keeps our basement dry.
Bifold doors lead to the water heater/furnace.

The soon-to-be new comic room!

Little nook by the door will be perfect for a display case.

A wall of closet that will house Adam's comic boxes inside.

Open doors. Adam's comics will be in here eventually.

We'll share more later as we decorate and furnish!

Ta ta!
C + A +L


Anonymous said...

The Basement came out great. Enjoy it

Anonymous said...

Carole its Andy!
Thanks for sharing, this looks awesome!
I love the tile...I'm jealous!

and the fact you have a full bath! Wow. Nice.

Kate said...

The basement looks great!