Monday, June 30, 2008

And in June 2008 the nerds will inherit the earth!

There's been so much about the kitchen lately that I thought readers might enjoy a temporary break.

This past weekend was the Wizard World Comic Book Convention. While my brother-in-law Adelmo came down to partake in the activities let's not bore readers with what deals we uncovered...but rather remember our fellow show attendees. Without further adieu, here are the pictures.

Three words for everyone - Robert Downey Jr.!!! Could the day start any better? As Adelmo and I made the rounds, to our shock and surprise, Mr. Downey was walking around. Sure he was as his alter ego, "Iron-Man", but I told him his secret identity was safe with me. 

Lest you think the whole day was filled with debauchery, families were in high attendance. Here Spider-man spends the day with his daughter (wonder woman) and son (superman). Of course Mary Jane isn't in the picture as those who read comics know...she and Spider-man are no longer married.

Green Arrow is poised and ready to strike any evil doers. As we stood there, GA (yeah we're tight like that that I call him GA for short), mentioned that he left his real arrow at home. I told him I was disappointed and recommended he take his costume wearing a little more serious.

HHHHEEEERRRREEEE'SSSSSS MOJO! Who's mojo you ask? Yeah, I didn't know either. Turns out he's a villian of the X-men. We'll just leave it at that.

Two surprises in this photo. Supergirl and all the way from Springfield...John Charles. Yep, in an unplanned moment we ran into John while scouring the bins. We soon coerced him into a photo with supergirl (truth be told it didn't take much coercing). 

Well there's something strange - in the neighborhood. Who you going to call? Ghostbusters. 

Wait a minute, this isn't a costume...

...or is it? Definitely one of the more creative outfits on the weekend.

What's a comic book convention without some star wars characters. I asked the Gamorrean Guard and this evil Jedi if I could snag a photo with them. Neither spoke a word. All I heard was the evil Jedi light up his light saber. They poised, Adelmo took the shot, and we parted ways.

Don't look now, but it's one of the members of Batman's rogue's gallery. Yes, the devilish Poison Ivy. Speaking of Batman, where is the caped crusader when we need him?

There he is hanging out with Adelmo and the boy, err, man wonder?

Joe who? After a very exhaustive search, Luigi Nemec was found! He was in a sewer pipe looking for Goombas. Both Adam's mom and dad were thrilled at the finding of their third child. His mother cried tears of joy and said Luigi's mustache made him the splitting image of dad.

We made Adam's parent so happy with the finding of Luigi. Let's brighten up Carole's parents day. It's their buddies from last season's Amazing Race, Kynt and Vyxsin. Like Madelaine and Normand, they too enjoy an evening of scrabble and Friday night bingo at the lodge.

The Thunder God is in the hiz-house. At least that's what I thought, until on closer inspection realized he had a fake arm that gave the impression of muscle.

Spider-man, Spider-man goes where ever a brother-in-law goes. And in this case, it was Wizard World Chicago.

This picture does not do justice for the in person viewing. Dr. Strange, Emma Frost, and Wonder Woman made their presence known. So many words come to mind, but again, this was just one you needed to see in person.

Spiderwoman gets close and personal with Adam.

And here's a full costume shot of Spiderwoman.

Adelmo takes a moment to chat up two of his more liked femme fatales, Elektra and Black Canary.

And then there's the poor man's Captain America. Complete with an inaccurate colored shield. Sigh...maybe he needs to stay dead.

It's been said that a "picture says 1,000 words". Look and enjoy.

Until next year...

Day 11: Backsplashiness!

We've got backsplash!

Mosaic bricklettes all around the window. Cool.


Door is trimmed out...

There is a little left to do... behind the stove and the last bit of cabinets...

This must where the micro vents outside...

Also, very exciting: we have a heat/AC vent!! For those of you who don't know, when the previous owners knocked out the wall between the kitchen and our now-office, they also eliminated the heating/AC vent. So we had cold feet in the winter :) No more!

Oh yes! And we have running water!

The question is: WILL Adam be able to make cupcakes tomorrow??? Will a colleague owe ME lunch or vice versa? What exactly IS the definition of "done"??

More to come.
C (& A)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 10: Come and knock on our door!!!

We've got a new back door! It's awesome! We'll eventually get new blinds for the windows and doors...

The under cabinets lights are in...

Over the sink lights...

Fun, cabinet thingies...

More cabinet hardware and window trim...

Uh oh... hmm... This will be tricky...

A shorter drawer front and cabinet door (below) have been ordered to fix this issue :)

Bill is working on fixing our appliance debacle. Turns out, sometime between when we picked them out and now, they've become discontinued. So, when Bill ordered them, the newer models were were sent automatically in place of the discontinued ones. Ugh. So, now they are trying to track down the ones we originally wanted... to be continued....

So, I don't know if Adam will be able to make cupcakes on Tuesday... But it is coming along! And looks great :)

C (& A)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 9: What's wrong with this picture?

Uh oh. The wrong appliances were delivered and installed. Eeks. The refrigerator is right though... Note the difference in handle style:

Bill to the rescue! He will be chatting with the appliance vendor tomorrow to find out what happened. To be continued...

In other news, some of our hardware was installed today:

And our new ceiling fan!

The crew, hard at work:

Little Bill, with the level, installing cabinet hardware according to my diagram :)

It sure looks pretty, even with the wrong appliances. :)

C (& A)