Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yard and Garden Update!

Hey Party People!!!

T-minus 1 day to demolition! Holy cow! I am so exciting I can barely contain myself! Woo hoo!

We WILL send off the old kitchen in the most appropriate way. However, first some updates on our Grub problem!

Well, I think it is safe to say --- the Grub killer worked!

Here is a picture of our front yard about 10 days after seeding:

Some little grassies are coming up:

Here is the yard yesterday, about 6 weeks later:

Very nice! We do have a fair amount of weeds in there, which we will try to remedy this week.

So, props to the 69% of you (9 folks -- ha ha) who voted in our poll that our grass would come back!

Also, FYI:
For those of you in Illinois at least, about this time of year -- June 15 -- is when you should grub protect your yard (according to the nursery here in town). See, beetles come, lay eggs, then next year, you have grubs and your yard is kaput. So, we will be putting down grub killer tomorrow!

Remember last year, in July, when we planted the perennial garden along the side of our house? Here it is, at the beginning of June, after I cleaned it up:

And here it is today! Unfortunately, our peony already bloomed, so you don't see it here:

But here are some of the other beginnings of flowers:

Two of our shrub roses didn't make it through winter, so I replaced those last week. More pictures to come.

Another small tidbit: As mentioned, when Adam finishes events at work, he usually will bring me a flower arrangement from the event. Here is the latest, a FREAKY HUGE basket filled with house plants:

I am now desperately attempting to keep the plants alive. Wish me luck -- I have a purple thumb. Also, to show the size of the basket, see Exhibit A below:

That's all for now folks!

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Anonymous said...

I need a big basket like that. Hmmm, maybe I can call the basket lady and we can schedule a make it take it class. I'm sure that's just what Joe would like to see. forget I said it.