Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth! Happy New Perennial Garden!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Today, we celebrated the holiday by planting a new perennial flower garden along side the house. I am way too beat to type anything witty, so here are some pics...

The plants we purchased from the local nursery:

Preparing the flower bed:

My job was to remove all of the grass clumps. It was hard work. See how excited I am about it:

Here is me with the plans from Fasel & Sons, the nursery we bought the plants from. They helped us by drawing a chart of what needed and where to put it:

Here we are placing the plants before we begin to plant:


The finished product! Adam laid all those bricks and dug all the holes. Tough work!

Dirty feet. Time to shower:

Hope everyone had a great holiday! We also saw the movie "Sicko" today. It was interesting... depressing... worth a watch.

Talk soon --
Carole & Adam

Sunday, July 01, 2007


So, we finally threw a housewarming party for all of our local blog readers! It was a glorious day!

Lots of visitors, food and merriment. Unfortunately, we were so busy hosting that we forgot to take many pictures during the day. Between Adam's mom and our camera, we got about 12 pictures. :) Here are some of them!

Here's Carole and Grandma Nemec, captured eating one of Sue's yummy cookies!

Does Grandma Nemec remind you of anyone in this photo??? It's the glasses...

Me taste testing before the guests arrive...

Adam's bro Joe, his wife KT, and Grandma Nemec

Adam's cousin Dan, My Dad Norm, and Adam's Dad Joe

Adam's cousin Jason and his family, Sadie, Jennifer and Maddy

Adam's mom Sue and Aunt Joan working the grill

Steve, Liz, Katie and Allison enjoying the sun

More guest... Some bean bagging going on in the background

Melon and Jamie... Jamie must have made a good bean bag toss! She's got air!

The BBQ wouldn't have been possible without the two moms, Madelaine and Sue -- AND my "second mom" Arlet (not pictured). Thanks moms!

We debuted some new rooms in the house at the party...

Here is Adam's comic room... it is not done, but is starting to display some accessories... notice the figures, cool lamps and curtains!

We hung some art on the wall that I bought from They are limited edition prints by Matte Stephens.

Here are some web pics of the art.

We've also been starting to accesorize the guest room. Notice the curtains...

The Owl Vase. An $8 consignment shop purchase. Spray painted to update, add flowers and viola! Spray paint is my new favorite thing.

I also spray painted this owl tray and old picture frame (just need a picture). The owl stuffies are from too! As you see, I am liking owls these days.

Anyway, the housewarming was a great. Thanks to everyone for coming! Hope you had a great time!

Next up with the house: we are having the upstairs tub reglazed in a few weeks! Good times!

More soon.
Carole (+ Adam)