Saturday, December 01, 2007

We have old people carpet.

Today bad weather finally hit Oak Lawn. It is snowy, icy and cold outside. What a perfect day to stay inside and hang some art!

But first, today we had an appointment with a place called Creative Mirror & Shower Door to discuss options for a shower door for the upstairs bath. What seems to be the best option is something called a "Euro Spray Panel", which would look something like this:

It seems like a good idea, but we are planning to get some other estimates for comparisons sake. Here is a snippet of a funny conversation this morning between us and Bob, the shower door guy:

BOB: So, how long have you lived here?
US: Oh about a year and half.
BOB: Did an older couple or family live here before?
US: Yes.
BOB: Yeah, I can tell from the carpet upstairs.

Now, those of you who faithfully follow the blog KNOW our carpet is BRAND NEW! Apparently, we have "old people" carpet. Oy vey.

Anyhow, as I mentioned, we stayed in almost all day today because of bad weather. So we decided to take care of some outstanding decor projects around the house.

I am faithful reader of Domino magazine. In one of their issues, I read about an illustrator named James Strouse who has a postcard series called "Superheros on the Toliet". I thought, "What would be more perfect for our upstairs bath?!".

Here is Adam carefully measuring...

The finished product:

Here they are in all their glory... I had to post a clearer image of these illustrations, because they are so funny! I even labeled them, in case you are unable to identify the hero:

Buy your very own "Superheros on the Toliet" by James Strouse at

I have been shopping around for a large piece to hang in the living room for quite some time. I finally settled on a fabric wall hanging from Textile Arts (also found through Domino!). I am very pleased! Here are a couple of pics:

Earlier this summer, my friend Sabine gave me a really fun owl print from a local art fair. We recently found a frame and hung it today in the upstairs guest room. Some pics:


Bye for now :)