Sunday, March 25, 2007

Trim and Loot from the S.A.

Hello everyone!

We have lots happening! Here are the updates:

The upstairs is coming along! Here is Adam staining the trim (yes, in his underwear, while checking basketball scores):

And here is the new trim!

And here I am, cleaning up, in preparation for the carpet:

Me cleaning fast and furious:

In my quest to furnish the house, I have taken a liking to visiting the local Salvation Army in search of things I can use or fix up. Here are two fun chairs I picked up:

And, a buffet! I have been looking all around for this. I will change the knobs, but all in all, it is perfect!

Remember our tree that fell during the storm in October? Well we're cutting down the rest of it. Hopefully this week -- if weather permits and the tree guy can make it. Here is it. So sad. Kinda (It is a messy tree, and I think the ants live there, so I will be kinda glad it is gone).

Last but not least, this week our car was the victim of vandalism. While it was parked on the street, the driver's side window was smashed! Nothing was stolen, luckily, but we had to get a new window. Here is my nice patch job until we could get the car in the garage:

Well this week should be big in terms of the house. Tree should come down this week. Saturday we get the new windows upstairs. And hopefully, carpet soon after. Stay tuned!

Carole (& Adam)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spider-man, Spider-man

Note: click on the pictures to see them bigger if you like!

It was Adam's 30th birthday yesterday! Look who came to pay him a birthday surprise visit!


A.K.A.: Brother-in-law/Comic Geek Buddy Adelmo!

I arranged for Adelmo to make a surprise visit for Adam's big 3-0 so they could spend some well deserved geeking around time together.

Here are a couple pics from Adam's birthday festivities:

Opening gifts:

A bird feeder so Adam can lure birds to our backyard. He hopes to see a cardinal again:

More goodies for the comic room:

2 tickets to WWF Monday Night RAW!

And another special craft project from me for the comic room:
A picture frame made out of an old hardback comic book with a photo of me as Wonder Woman (Photoshop is magical)!

Here is the picture in all it's glory:

A couple pics from dinner. Goofing around with brother Joey:

It was a good day! Happy birthday Adam!

In other news:

The upstairs renovation is coming along. We've ordered carpet, which we expect to be installed in the next week or two. The upstairs windows should be here by the end of March. Here are a couple of pictures of Adam sanding upstairs to prepare to stain some of the wood work:

Also, in my effort to furnish the house one step at a time, I bought a new rug from Crate & Barrel to go under the dining room table. I likey likey. Here are a couple pics:

And, on another note -- and may I say I hope this does not turn into a bigger story...

We found what appears to be mouse droppings on our deck OUTSIDE:

Here, Adam investigates:

So, now a trap is set in the basement -- just in case, the mouse, who I like to refer to as Victor, decides to come inside:

Hopefully our next post will not have a picture of a bludgeoned Stewart Little :)

Till next time,
Carole (& Adam)