Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hip. Post-Modern. Sculptured.

Do you feel cool enough to read this blog? "Hip. Post-Modern. Sculptured." is the description from the manufacturer of our cabinets.

Not our old cabinets:

Our soon-to-be-NEW cabinets! See Adam and sample of cabinet door:

He is just as excited about this rehab as me -- really!

So, we've chosen the Bella style door, in Maple, with a Hazelnut finish. Ooo la la.

And here is the hardware style we'll be going with:

All of the hardware will run horizontal, like this picture:

We had a meeting with Bill the Kitchen Man a week ago to discuss the final contract. At that time, he let us take a copy of his drawings:

He comes to take final measurements on April 1. Construction to begin June 16!
Bill the Kitchen Man will also be sourcing our appliances, so that he can control the timing and delivery of them. (No he is not marking them up). Right now, we are looking at stainless steel Maytag appliances:

So, things are coming along! The cabinet style/color is really the only decision will be set in stone after April 1. Then, I think our next big decision will be granite. Oy vey -- so many colors!

OH! Bill the Kitchen Man also gave us references! Three to be exact. I called two of them on Friday and within the first few minutes got invited to both of their house to see Bill's work. So Tuesday and Thursday, we'll be seeing two kitchens done by Bill. Both references were really pleased with their kitchens. We are excited to see them in person. On another note: if we disappear on Tuesday or Thursday, well, check the address scribbled on the notepad on my desk :)

Decor updates:
Look at these guys! Aren't they precious?

I found these wonderful animal portraits on, my favorite source for original artwork. The artist Ryan Berkley also writes these silly descriptions for the portraits he sells, so I printed them and hung them underneath the portraits. I originally planned to hang these in our stairway. However, they are SO special, I decided to hang them in the hallway by the first floor bathroom, on the way to our bedroom.

Neato! The frames: $10 for all eight from the Salvation Army. Plus a $3 can of bronze spray paint. Viola!

Also, after a visit to my grandmother's house, my mom brought me some quilt squares she found that she thinks used to belong to my great Memeré Airoldi. After thinking and thinking about how to display them, I found inspiration on one of my frequently visited design blogs. So, here they are:

The quilt squares are hanging in embroidery hoops, which you can purchase at Michael's or Hobby Lobby for about $1 each. Hip. Post-Modern. Kitschy. No?

And finally a shout out to Sandy, a faithful blog reader. She saw our wall hanging:

from Textile Arts and snatched one up for herself. Here's her new wall art:

Happy Easter everyone! If you don't celebrate Easter, I hope you had an awesome weekend. Here is a cute picture of us from Easter dinner:

PS: Dear family, some of you emailed to ask how our Easter was... I am married to Adam, right? Here is a little taste of our holiday at Grandma Nemec's:

Till next time --
C (+ A)

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Kitchen Chair Fun

We met Saturday with Bill, the Kitchen man. Coming soon... some draw-rings of our kitchen plans, some material pics...

But, until I have time to write a real post.... Sabine, this video is for you....

Some of you might be wondering why we kept the crappy table and chairs that you've seen in our current kitchen, a set that was left by the previous owners... We felt the set would be temporary, so we thought "Fine for now." Adam's mom and dad even recovered them for us so they would "kinda" go...

Well, this video shows the fun we WON'T be having after the kitchen is remodeled and we have a new table and chairs to fit the motif.

NOTE: This video is kinda like Unsolved Mysteries. The event was reenacted for the purposes of posting to this blog. However, this IS a reenactment of an ACTUAL event that happened tonight, after we ate dinner.

DOUBLE NOTE: This video has sound, in case you are at work. Although, it is enjoyable without sound too.

TRIPLE NOTE: I am wearing a winter coat in this video.

Press PLAY button below:

I am starting to reconsider... Maybe we should keep the chairs... Hmm.
C (+A)