Monday, March 17, 2008

Kitchen Chair Fun

We met Saturday with Bill, the Kitchen man. Coming soon... some draw-rings of our kitchen plans, some material pics...

But, until I have time to write a real post.... Sabine, this video is for you....

Some of you might be wondering why we kept the crappy table and chairs that you've seen in our current kitchen, a set that was left by the previous owners... We felt the set would be temporary, so we thought "Fine for now." Adam's mom and dad even recovered them for us so they would "kinda" go...

Well, this video shows the fun we WON'T be having after the kitchen is remodeled and we have a new table and chairs to fit the motif.

NOTE: This video is kinda like Unsolved Mysteries. The event was reenacted for the purposes of posting to this blog. However, this IS a reenactment of an ACTUAL event that happened tonight, after we ate dinner.

DOUBLE NOTE: This video has sound, in case you are at work. Although, it is enjoyable without sound too.

TRIPLE NOTE: I am wearing a winter coat in this video.

Press PLAY button below:

I am starting to reconsider... Maybe we should keep the chairs... Hmm.
C (+A)


Kate said...

Those chairs are so worth keeping.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, perhaps the child's birthday cake plate I painted at seminar won't get too dusty after all. Keep the chairs!



binchen6 said...

Thanks for dedicating the video to me. I feel a little teary eyed. I had no idea what potential this table/chair set had.

Now it's up to Carole's sense of style, can you live with that set in your newly designed kitchen. ;)

Somthing else to move into the basement maybe?

Jo said...

Maybe you can use that video as a great Marketing tool - get some cash to help pay for your new kitchen now that those chairs are famous. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out Carole. I think that picture of you and Adam from Easter is a "framer" for sure!