Saturday, February 16, 2008

Clean Clothes for Everyone!!

Well, the washer we inherited with the house finally bit the dust a few weeks back....

So, it was off to our neighborhood Sears to pick out a new one... since our basement is SO snazzy looking, we decided it was critical that we have a matching set.

Here are the delivery guys from Sears bearing gifts!

And here they are! Beautious!

Oh -- and our latest Salvation Army find (we are really romantic and spend our Friday nights sometimes scavenging the local S.A.):

A cute little nightstand for our guest room! At the bargain basement price of $20! One TV tray down, one more to go!

I am keeping this post short today. Off to celebrate Adam's mom's birthday!


Anonymous said...

love the nightstand! The washer and drier aren't bad either I guess... (post from sandy b.)

Anonymous said...

I like the night stand, it's a bit unusual in an interesting way. Cute lamp and owl vase. Do you serve owl cake to your guests?

Anonymous said...

Cute night stand. can't beat that price either. I have plenty of laundry here if you want to do some. Marchiori gang

Kate said...

Really, nothing beats having a working washer and dryer in your home. I understand the excitement.