Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth! Happy New Perennial Garden!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Today, we celebrated the holiday by planting a new perennial flower garden along side the house. I am way too beat to type anything witty, so here are some pics...

The plants we purchased from the local nursery:

Preparing the flower bed:

My job was to remove all of the grass clumps. It was hard work. See how excited I am about it:

Here is me with the plans from Fasel & Sons, the nursery we bought the plants from. They helped us by drawing a chart of what needed and where to put it:

Here we are placing the plants before we begin to plant:


The finished product! Adam laid all those bricks and dug all the holes. Tough work!

Dirty feet. Time to shower:

Hope everyone had a great holiday! We also saw the movie "Sicko" today. It was interesting... depressing... worth a watch.

Talk soon --
Carole & Adam


Anonymous said...

Gosh, those pictures remind me of when dad and I were young and energetic. He had the blue pick up and we would get truckloads of dirt and rocks or whatever. I even helped shovel stuff off...hmmmm,...maybe he did all the shoveling. But, I did help in a big way, back then.

Good job!

Mom N.

Anonymous said...

Gorrrrrgeous flowers! A year from now, when they're filled in more, it'll be stunning. Add a couple hostas at the back part of that strip, and some lilies of the valley tucked into the front here and there, and you'll have some great colors and textures year round. xo Kerry