Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 6: Stain, Compare, Sand, Repeat

Change of plans today... floor will come later this week. Granite tomorrow, I think. We finally, after an exhausting search and much inner turmoil, selected a faucet. Good golly miss molly.

Today, the crew added some finishing trim/molding pieces to the cabinets (see along top of cabinets, in corner, above window).

Adam also is busy sanding trim.

A lesson learned for us: When you have 15 pieces of trim to stain, it is a good idea to stain one and then compare it to what you are matching. Assuming you like it, stain the rest.

OR, you can stain them all, THEN see if they match the cabinets.

Uh oh.

Note the pic below: the light is on because it is 10pm at night. My husband is the best!

More trim. The red boards are another project Adam is working on for the comic room! Are you excited? (BTW, it is Comic Con this weekend... do you have your shopping lists ready?)

BTW, a couple of you faithful blog readers have asked if we are getting a new back door. Yes, indeed, we are. The old one is barely hanging on at this point.

We also got a new kitchen table and chairs. Our old one (yes, the one with the fun wheeled chairs) is for sale on Craigslist. It is still available for anyone out there who, after viewing our video, feels they need to spice up their evening meals!

Also, another question. Are we getting new windows? Yes, but not this year. We need to replace all of our downstairs windows and plan to use the same company as we did for the five new upstairs windows we put in last year. However, it is not in the budget at this time. Maybe next year! (We are going to get blinds to cover up the ugly windows!)

Baby steps...
C (& A)

PS: I was just upstairs admiring the cabinets. I have never in my life looked so closely at cabinets. I love them. They are so purdy.

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