Saturday, June 04, 2011

Leo: Ten Months Old

The fastest kid in town, no doubt!

Whoa Nelly!
Leo is 10 months old!
Actually, he is almost 11 months old now (9 more days).
But in this post, we'll talk about happenings in the last month.

First --
We have a walker!
He is going all over on his own two feet.
Getting better and better at it everyday.
He continues to be very energetic.
Had his first swim this month.
He can say "No no no" (uh oh Mom & Dad)
and Grampa N. taught him how
to say "Vroom Vroom" when playing 
with his trucks.
He also got his top two teeth,
is clapping, pointing and dancing.
He is growing and growing!

Here are a few pics 
and videos from
the last month. 

Watch out world. I've got on baby jeggings.

Just another day at the office. Time to count the toys. 
Comparing notes with his colleagues Spidey and Cap'n America 
Check out my top two teeth
First swim with buddy Ethan 
First Mother's Day

He likes books again! Although, I get suspicious when
he is quietly reading in the corner, if you know what I mean. 
Nothing like the wind in your face -- even artificial wind from a rubber block
Eating the Hulk
Burning off some energy at the gym on a rainy day
Look at me!
Big boy
Dad walks, Leo walks
What to do next?
Clap clap clap

That's all for now!
C + A + L

PS: I know I promise a house post ... coming soon ... need a couple more weeks ...


Susan said...

Love the pictures and videos. Can't believe he's soooo big already.

Terry said...

Can you get back to focusing on house repairs? There is too much stuff about babies. Start another blog to focus on that.