Sunday, May 01, 2011

Leo: Nine Months Old

Photo by Christina Bailitz Photography


Leo is nine months old!
What's new...
He sometimes stands without holding onto anything
and has take a step or two 
but we don't consider it walking YET
Definitely cruising though 
(walking whilst holding on to furniture)
Eating big people food like cooked carrots, chicken, 
ham and Cinnabons
Likes going to the park
Likes to be chased
Feeds himself
Gives kisses
Enjoys bathtime, except in Grandma's pink tub
Still only has two teeth
Chatty as ever
Obsessed with remote controls
and best of all,
(most nights) 7pm to 7am!

Here are some pics and videos.

Helping Grandpa with the water heater 
A boy and his tools
Practicing walking before bed
Big boy jammies! 
Visiting with friends Dominic and Alice
First White Sox game. Hooray!
With Dad
South Paw!

It was Mom and Son day
Sharing blue cotton candy
More from Leo's 9 month photos
Photo by Christina Bailitz
Photo by Christina Bailitz 
Photo by Christina Bailitz
Photo by Christina Bailitz
First Easter!

Leo with his very own remote control.
Thanks Easter Bunny!
With both sets of grandparents

That's all on the Leo front for now!
We have a home project in the works and
will be posting on it in the next month or so.
C + A + L

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