Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Leo: Seven Months Old

Leo is seven months old!
This month is a big month!
He's got two bottom teeth
and by the amount of drool he has now
there are probably more to come soon.
He is a crawling dynamo.
And he is pulling up to stand!
He is a busy busy boy!
He loves to eat and chit chat.
His new favorite word is "blah".
He mimicks.
And he loves Sesame Street
(he gets to watch a little on YouTube now and then).

Here are some videos and photos 
from the past few weeks!

PS: Pretty soon, we'll start talking about the house again!
There is a project in planning...
Stay tuned...

Playing with his activity center. Thanks Danielle C!

With his hero, Dad

Playing at Monkey Bizness with Mom

A look of glee
His favorite toys: the wipes box, the Aquaphor jar,
Dad's slipper and an empty tissue box

Dancin' with Dad

A family photo from the six month shot
Photo by Christina Bailitz

The snowman hat
Photo by Christina Bailitz

Some videos:

Ta ta for now!
C + A + L

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