Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leo: Eight Months Old

Oh my land!
Where does the time go?
Leo is eight-and-a-half months old!
Good golly miss molly.

Let's see...
He is more and more active every day...
sometimes does the baby sign for "more"
when he wants a snack (thanks to the babysitter!)
and also learned "so big!" from the sitter
Is happy and chatty and smiley
Pulls up to stand with ease and knows how 
to get back down to the floor gently
Is practicing walking with push toys
and can climb stairs (supervised, of course!)
Plays well independently and with others!

Here are some pics and vids
from the past few weeks.

The Nemec men: Daddy, Uncle Joey, Leo and Grandpa
Playing at the Children's Museum with Mom and Dad
Climbing up the rock wall
Wbat a big boy!
Exploring uncharted areas of the house
Serious about loving his mommy
Breaking out the comic swag! Spiderman sweatshirt from the
Marchiori's ... Flash t-shirt from Daddy

A sweet boy and his ma
He wishes he could eat this sandwich
This is Leo! Smiley happy guy!
Looking up at Dad
Cool Wolverine hoodie from Auntie Rebecca, Uncle Adelmo
and cousins


Leo and Dad face off: RASPBERRIES!

Mom and Dad speak Leo's language. The language of BA!

Who knew dining room chairs could be so fun?!

Leo gets excited about his favorite Bert & Ernie song

Leo eats puffs and does "SO BIG!"

Leo climbs the stairs to visit his friend

Leo signs "more"

Just some cute mugging

That's all for now!
C + A + L

Oh yeah...
we are about to remodel the basement!
Hooray... more on this soon!

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Alexandra and Family said...

Loved all the pics & video--Leo is absolutely adorable. You and Adam are the perfect parents...enjoy him while he's still a'll miss those stages later! :) - Gina