Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Leo: Six Months Old

Happy New Year!
Leo is six months old!
Actually, in 11 days, he'll be seven months old
but hey, better late than never, right?

Leo is doing great!
Big milestones this month:
Babbling ("dada" when happy, "mama" when sad)
*practically* crawling (any day now)
Laughing a lot
Loves to eat and does a great job

Here are some of our favorite pics
and videos from the past month:

Blizzard 2011:
Bring on the snow!

Baby vs. snow drift
He wasn't a big fan of the wind in his face
Our snow angel
With Mama

Trip to the Museum of Science and Industry:
Whoa. Science is cool. Checking out stuff with Grandpa.
Happy baby, happy mama
Look of relief after a little bit of puke-y
More exploring!
Thrilled to learn all about cow dung

Six month photos by Christina Bailitz:

In his Cosby sweater that accentuates his baby blues
Showing off his skills

In his snowman coat from Aunt Katie and Uncle Joey
Tuckered out. He was not feeling well this day and was a real trooper.

Miscellaneous photos:
Hanging with pals at a play date with mommy group
Eating bananas with Memere 
Hey Pepere! I have that hat too! We're twins!
At the table for dinner, Leo tries a pickle 
I'm not a baby, I'm a thug
Loving up on Uncle Joey. Contrary to popular belief,
I am NOT afraid of beards. See?!?
Happy guy in the johnny jumper
Lounging with Dad

Happy bear (before the loss to the Packers)
Loves kisses from mama
Loves his Word World Bee from Auntie Christine
The Heart Break Kid with Grandma and Grandpa.
A moment of glee on one of his sick days.


Leo crawls! (Sped up for your viewing pleasure)

Dad eats chicken legs!

Leo babbles! Da da da!

Leo tries the cup!

Leo eats oatmeal!

Leo says ma mam ma (only when he is sad)


Kate said...

He is too cute! I can't believe he's already on the move.

Susan said...

Great pics and videos!