Thursday, December 30, 2010

Leo: Five Months Old

Happy Holidays!
Leo is five months old!
Actually, five and A HALF months old.
Wowie zowie.

We had a wonderful first Christmas with the little guy.
He is such a good boy.
Lately, he is...
... rolling over all the time
... liking solid food, has tried most
of the Stage 1 veggies 
and will be trying fruit soon
... reading comics with Dad
... sleeping pretty good at night
... talkative!
... enjoying bouncing in his jumperoo
... giving kisses (or at least open mouth slobbering)
... working on sitting up but not quite there yet

Here are a few pics and videos from the past month.
Enjoy! Happy New Year!

Official Santa photo ... too tired for smiles

After the Santa photo, a sudden burst of energy at the sight of Daddy!
Jolly Leo with Grandma & Grandpa on Christmas Eve
Happy little dude 
Five months old and rockin' a mohawk!
Yum! Sweet potatoes and peas! My favorite! 
Mmmmm. Green beans. Not sweet potatoes, but I'll still eat it.
With 13 of 15 grandkids on the Masse side! Ages 16 to 5 months. 
More fun with Masse cousins.
Snoozing on the way home from Memere & Pepere's Christmas festivities
Love those baby blues
Who's got bigger blue eyes? Leo or Glow Worm?
And some videos:

More soon!
C, A + L

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