Sunday, July 09, 2006

Oy vey.

Hello all --

This post is long over due... so I'll just get straight to it...

Lots of progress going on here... mostly with our upstairs....

Upstairs Floor, Vents and Ceiling
. Adam and his Dad have been working very hard... they replaced several busted floorboards in preparation for laying the new plywood.
. They also installed a new wall vent in the largest of the upstairs bedrooms.
. Adam's Dad installed the new ceiling drywall in the big bedroom.

Upstairs Bathroom
. This past Saturday, they set off to remove the bathroom floor, in preparation for new plywood.
. In the process, they decide to tear up the whole bathroom. I just found this out tonight when I went upstairs to document for the blog. Boy, was I surprised. We were originally planning to redo only the bathroom floor; now, aside from the toliet and tub, everything will be new.

Downstairs Bathroom
. The bathroom is painted and semi-accessorized. Walls are yellow-green, towels are aqua blue... see pics below...

Phew... time for bed.


Kate said...

Hey Nemecs,

Tito the toilet does not seem as happy in the closet as he did in the bathroom. Hopefully, he will love the new bathroom.

Keep on working and keep on posting.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have a wonderful husband who is working hard to get your home looking great.

That old bathroom wall paper was yucky! Kudos to the person whose idea it was to take down the walls and do some minor remodeling. You'll both be so thankful for going that extra step down the road.

Good luck to the two of you.