Sunday, June 11, 2006

Attack (and Demise) of the Ants

Hi All --

Here's the latest with the house!

. Yep, we have ants. Yippee doo.
. After a big rain storm one night, we went outside and low and behold, there were ANTS crawling up the side of our house!
. We deteremined they are coming from a tree near by the house.
. Adam's dad came over with some "special" spray and sprayed around the whole house and the tree.
. The ants seem to be gone, and we are find ant carcasses and drunken ants here and there. It is really thrilling. But hey, at least they are dead and/or almost dead. That is better than lots of live ants.
. Adam's dad has more spray so he will be back in a month or so.

. Here are some pics of my man mowing the lawn. How manly.

. Adam decided to get rid of some ceiling tiles upstairs. Here are some pics of the demo. We'll need to put some new dry wall up here.

. The office is finally furnished! We made a trip to Ikea over the weekend and bought some stuff.
. Everyone helped to put together the crazy swedish furniture. See pics below.

. And here are some pics of the before...

. and after! I need a rug maybe....

. And lastly, here is a pic of me in front of some flowers in our back yard. AHHHHHH :)

That's all folks!
The Nemecs


Kate said...


Swiss, swedes, all those crazy Europeans are the same. I really like the office and am very jealous. Your flowers are beautiful, but Carol's shoes are even more beautiful. I should have a home of my own in about a month. Yippee!!

Post more frequently,

Carole & Adam said...

Oops. Swedes. Whoops. Will correct asap.

Kate said...

Whoops, misspelled your name, Carole. I wish I could correct it ASAP.


Colette said...

Carole and Adam
Congrats! You are diligently working on completing the overhall of your house.
It looks wonderful.
It is awesome to see that both of you are actively involved. Though I think reading a magazine doesn't count as work. Just kidding!
Love to you all.
Auntie (ewe!) Colette

Mom Suzette said...

Hi kids,

Wow, it looks really nice! Hard to believe it's the same room.

Excellent close up of the ant. Did you use a zoom?

rebecca said...

now i know how to comment!