Monday, July 24, 2006

Weeds, Paintin, and Electrical. OH MY!

Hello everyone,

Here's the latest:

. Adam and his dad are busy busy working on the upstairs electrical. After demolition, Joe noticed that there was some badly wired electrical and even a fire hazard. Can you believe an electrician used to live in our house? Eeks!
. Here are some pictures of Adam and his Dad working on electrical. His Dad cut a hole in the hallway ceiling to reposition our electical parts so that when we drywall the bath, and need to do electrical work, we'll have access to all the electrical goodies.

. The kitchen is painted! Hooray! It is a light buttery yellow color. Subtle... I wasn't sure about it at first, but it is growing on me. Anything is better than the old wallpaper! I realized my major issue with the kitchen is the cabinets and backsplash, and since we don't have a bajillion dollars right now to replace that stuff, I must deal.
. Adam did the painting and he did an EXCELLENT job!
. I helped. It was messy.
. Next step in the kitchen will be to try and recover the free kitchen chairs that the previous owners left. They look goofy, but they are comfortable, so we're gonna try to save them with new fabric. Maybe... to be continued.

. Hey all you gardeners out there: is this tall thing a weed? I am not sure... I started weeding this weekend, pulling out stuff that didn't look like it belonged, and wasn't sure about this thing... hmmmm.

. And, for your enjoyment, some new flowers that bloomed on the side of our house :)

. Happy Birthday Mom!

More soon...
Carole & Adam


Kate said...

I love the yellow kitchen and the roosters seem to enjoy it too. The color is very pretty. Once you finish everything upstairs, it's going to be awesome. Keep working and, more importantly, keep posting.

Mom Suzette said...


I Love your finished kitchen!!!! The yellow is perfect, The mutant red rooster fits in quite well, and the kitchen table is EMPTY!!! I never saw it empty before.

Joe noticed that you were holding his saw. He's very possessive about his manly tools.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Ah, right! Yellow and lighter in the kitchen DOES make a difference. Good job!

And, yes, I think you have a bonafide weed sharing space in your garden. It has put up a good "I belong" front.

And, WOW! She's cute AND she knows how to use power tools. What a catch, Adam!


Anonymous said...

1. I like the yellow paint in the kitchen!
2. I like the rooster clock!
3. I like the chairs - you could make them really cool with some new coverings. And they do look comfy, and a bit retro.

from, Laura K.