Thursday, May 31, 2012

Leo @ 22 months * Gus @ 2 months

Being sneaky already!

Hi folks!

Things are going just dandy here. Boys are growing and growing!

Some highlights...

Leo continues to be a chatter box. Yesterday he said to me: "I missed you mommy."
It melted my heart. He also said: "I miss daddy too." 

He is still all about baby brother ... and Thomas the Train ... and coloring! He also likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (see singing below). 

The warm weather means trips to the local park's splash pad, which he loves. Can't believe he'll be two pretty soon. How time flies!

Gus is a big boy and is hitting his milestones just like he should. Yesterday at his two month check up, he weighed 13 lbs 9 oz, and is 23-3/4" long. 80th percentile for weight and height! 95th for head! Comparatively, Leo was 11 lbs and 23" long at 2 months old. 

We've determined that Leo likely got tiny "Masse" genes and Gus got big "Nemec" genes. It is already time to pack up the 3 month clothes and see what works from Leo's 6 month stash (it was January when Leo was in 6 month clothes!!).

Gus has lots of smiles for everyone. He is very strong. And, he'll be going to daycare with Leo in two and half weeks when mom goes back to work (*tear tear sniff sniff*).

Mom and dad are doing well too! We divide and conquer so everything is under control. And thankfully, we have lots of help from Grandma and Papa so we even get to go to dinner or a movie every now and again.

We are looking forward to summer. Leo will be taking swimming lessons so that will be fun! No big vacay plans but still plenty of fun and family time.

Here are some photos!

brotherly love
Dad and his boys
Leo is into being a big brother ... a little too much
Gus loves the ladies so much he's pooped
More face time with Grandma
My big boy ... looking old in his jeans
Mother's Day 2012
Serious about coloring
Excited to see baby brother
"No Leo, he doesn't need a belly massage."
Gus doesn't know what to make of this crazy kid
Talking to Gus
Holding hands
So happy to love on his Gus
"Hi Gus!"
All the boys 
Gus thinks ... "Someday I will dominate this wrestling business!"
Bugs Bunny covers Gus' battle wounds ... two month vaccinations
The many faces of a two month old Gus
A happy Leo 
A curious Gus
Leo at the splash pad
 Some videos:

That's all for now!
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