Monday, July 21, 2008

Meet Barry!

Hi Everyone! Long time no blog. I am here to provide an update--and, to introduce Barry! But, first things first...


Note the matching appliances!

The backsplash is finished! The paint is a light blue.

I am still trying to decide if I should keep the poster up. I like it because it has sentimental value (a gift from Adam early in our courtship). Plus, the red in it picks up on our red appliances. Not sure if it works with the blue though. We'll keep it for now.

Our new table and chairs... We still need one more chair (from Ikea). The table is from Dania and has to pull out extensions that are stored in the table. Nifty! Adam will stain the legs of the chairs to match the table.

One of our first meals cooked in the kitchen!

Note the makeshift curtains!

Just waiting on a few odds and ends to get finished up. We are waiting on 1 new drawer front and 1 new door front for the corner bottom cabinets. We also are waiting for pricing on replacing the cream colored outlets/switches/faceplates in cream with grey so they disappear into the backsplash.

Also, in a late breaking development, our cabinet under the sink is stinky. Most likely from the garbage disposal. However, when you stand over the disposal, and sniff, there is no scent. Strange. We've got a call into Bill to see if perhaps there is a broken seal or something that is letting out a smell. Who knows.

On our end, we just need to get a couple of rugs and some blinds for the back door. Oh, and Adam will paint the back door as well.

We are happy campers!

Now, on to BARRY! Who is Barry, you ask? Barry is our new backyard tree. He is a Red Maple. Someday, he might look like this:

So, if you recall, back in October 2006, there was a huge storm which knocked down half of our big backyard tree:

We subsequently had the tree cut down. It was sad, but the tree had carpenter ants and was dangerous:

Since then, we've been wanting a new tree in the yard. We miss our shade. So, we invited back Ken's Tree Service to grind down the old stump:

Rented a Uhaul pick-up truck:

Went to our favorite local nursery:

I contemplated what the personality of our new tree should be:

Sadly, the new tree is too skinny for a face. A girl can dream...

We selected our new baby. Adam helps the Fasel guys load up:

Adam studies the diagram for how to stake a tree up:

Look at how tall he is! We decided to call him Barry! He is currently about 7-10 years old about about 15 feet tall:

Adam also loads in some fresh top soil:

We make our way home with a tree hanging out of the back of our truck:

Adam strategizes for how to get Barry to the backyard:

Success! Luckily, the tree stump grinders have left us a hole:

Just a little more digging to do:

I assist moving Barry into his new home:

And there you go! Quite exciting!

Barry, in the night...

In other news, you may remember Adam painting some wood planks red back during kitchen construction. Those planks are now a shelf running across his comic boxes, so he can display more comic goodness:

Also, Adam hung his final two posters on the wall:

His TV stand, complete with gaming systems and... WHAT'S THIS? 90210!! WHAT?!?!?

And, last but not least, our flower bed is filling in quite nicely:

Till next time --
C (&A)


The Village Idiot said...

The poster of the guy in the yellow coat TOTALLY works, but I would bring it down a bit on the wall so it's at the middle of the adjacent window... that will pull the whole space together. xo! Kerry

Anonymous said...

I know how perfect the kitchen really is because I've seen it in person! Love the tree as well.

Good job!


Barry said...

I am quite pleased to have joined Carole and Adam's backyard. The sunlight is plentiful. I am most excited to get my face. But that will come in another 5 to 10 years. Hopefully by then a tree fort will be built in me.