Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Day 12: Are we there yet?

Well, folks, we are just down to the fine details. Molding under cabinets...

I thought yesterday that the tile crew had run out of time when backsplashing... turns out, they ran out of the large tiles. Oops. They'll be back to finish up this week.

In appliance news, there was a delivery problem with the appliance vendor today. So hopefully, we'll get our stove and microwave tomorrow, and the dishwasher early next week.

Then, we'll be down to the finishing touches! Paint, blinds and of course, stocking the cabinets!

So, are we done? I think so! I would say the 44% of you who said, YES, we'll be done by July 1 are the winners! So, reach around and give yourself a pat on the back!

In other news, Adam went back to work this Monday after two weeks off of work. While he was off, I gave him quite a honey-do list :) -- with his blessing of course -- and boy did he do good!

Here are some of the tasks my honey did:
. Refinished the TV stand
. Stained/sanded/stained the trim :)
. Cut the grass twice and did some MAJOR weeding
. Grub protected the yard (don't want to be digging up our pretty grass again next year!)
. Fertilized the yard
. Coordinated repairs to the air conditioning in BOTH cars
. Repaired our crumbling front stoop
. Sold our old refrigerator
. Picked up the new back door and returned the one we bought two years ago
And... drumroll...
. Primed and painted the entire basement!

Goodbye brown paneling!

Here it is -- still with the kitchen cabinet contents -- but looking great!

It is much nicer in all cream color. Brightens the basement up quite a bit!

For our next big project, we'd like to refinish the basement. But that is YEARS down the road... I say five years, but who knows... We'd like to water proof down there, and then really refinish it nice, with drywall, new floor, storage and maybe even a bathroom. Again, this is YEARS away...

For now, this is an awesome improvement!

Adam, thank you for all your hard work! I really appreciate it -- what a great husband I have! I am a lucky lady.

Back to the kitchen... I think I will sign off from posting for now, for a week or so. When I post again, hopefully it will be with a before and *AFTER* picture, with all of the final details in place.

OH... and, given we don't have our stove yet, Adam did not make any cupcakes today.

But, if he did, he said he was going to make me these:

C (& A)

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Anonymous said...

Bravo! Brava! Nice job!