Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Old Painty Can Ned Flanders

Due to popular demand (the three people that looked at our blog . . . we've added a picture of the front of the house. Adam calls it the Tardis, as it looks tiny, but opens up to galactic proporations on the inside.

Work on the master bedroom continues. Thanks to Joe Sr. for helping to scrap the final remnants of the textured ceiling. Today we turned our attention to sanding rough spots and filling in deep holes (no sexual pun intended). The walls and ceiling were washed in preparation for Joe Sr. to Kilz it. See how he effortlessly applies the edging coat to the ceiling.

Here Joe Sr. shows the proper technique once used by the ancient Aztecs. The second coat comes tomorrow with the walls on Thursday.

As many of us know, preping for work is 75% of the time spent on a project. Carole becomes one with the masking tape and diplays here mad-like masking skills. Quite possibly a trait she inherited from her father, a.k.a. Master Wallpaper and Paint Guru for the Church and Christine.

To become a master masker, Carole must become one with the tape. Notice how she is in deep concentration. And . . . viola . . . the room is masked and ready for painting.


Kate said...

Hey Guys,

I'm sure you're bedroom is beautiful and I hope to see a finished picture of it soon. Carole, you are quite the tape-master. I'll keep that in mind for the future.

Oh yeah, if you want more comments, change your settings such that anyone, even those without blogger accounts, can post comments.

Have a great weekend,

jward4 said...

If prepping for work is 75% of the job and showing up is 98% of success, then I've been going about this "life" thing all wrong....