Sunday, May 07, 2006

FIRST POST! House Update!

Hello All!

Welcome to our blog, ADVENTURES IN HOME OWNING, which will chronicle everything and anything regarding our *FIRST* home :) Bookmark us!

This weekend marks two weeks since we've moved in, and boy, does time fly! There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done!

Here is an update on what is happening with the house:

- When we moved in, the entire upstairs was carpeted in lovely brown/orange 70s carpet. Underneath the carpet: ASBESTOS TILE! Eeeks!
- Our first weekend in the house, Adam, his brother Joe, and dad Joe set off to tear up all the carpet and tile. Mission accomplished! However, under the tile, the plywood underlayment was coated in sticky black mastic.
- Our second weekend in the house, Adam and his dad tore up all the plywood so we can lay down fresh plywood, and then paint and carpet.
- At this point, we are waiting for the plywood we need to go on sale so we can purchase it, lay it down and then move on to painting and carpeting. Yippee!

- The basement is coming along quite nicely. We really enjoy all the extra space it adds. We put all of our living room furniture from our old apartment down there, so it is our tv/family room area.
- The set-up of the basement didn't go as smoothly as we hoped though... our movers could not get our large couch down the stairs. That wasn't going to stop Adam, though...
- Our first weekend in the house, Adam, his dad, and friend Frank were determined to get the couch downstairs. The only way: rip out the bottom three stairs so the couch could clear the staircase and make the turn into the basement.
- Mission accomplished! The stairs were ripped out, couch was moved down and the stairs were promptly replaced later that week (thanks to Joe Sr.)!
- The other great thing about the basement: I can finally do laundry any time I want! As you'll see, we had quite a bit to do when we first moved in!

- There are still boxes everywhere! But the everything is slowly coming together...
- Adam is chipping away all the texture off our bedroom ceiling so we are temporarily sleeping in what will eventually be our office. He hopes to be finished with the ceiling and ready for us to paint next weekend.

So far, we are really really enjoying living in Oak Lawn. We love the space we have and are excited about having something that is ours!

More updates to come soon!

Cheers --
Carole (& Adam)


reno said...

Hello !

greetings from Belgium !



jward4 said...


Although I can't say owning a home looks like fun, you guys seem to have the right attitude and will make lots of progress in no time. Especially if you don't have to run down three flights of stairs to check on your laundry.

P.S. Your blog is much cuter than ours.

P.P.S. I guess you only have a European audience so far....

P.P.P.S. Pecos says hi.

Kate said...


Though my hubby doesn't seem to agree, I think homeowning seems like a lot of fun. I can't wait to come visit and see how far you guys have come.

P.S. Pecos says hi, again.

Karen said...

Hi guys! Glad to see things are coming along nicely. If you need anything we can help you with let us know. Frank is now working days, so we are able to get out together even during the week!!! We haven't had this opportunity since Mike was born - It's quite an adjustment. How's the commute coming along? I was in the neighborhood last Friday, my dentist is on 103rd and Keating, thought about stopping by, but didn't want to interupt the work force. See you guys soon! Love Karen & Frank

Kevin Collings said...

Nothing like the first home of your own. Carole be thankful that you have a husband and family that are handy with the work that needs to be done. While I am not the handy one I remember the joy in my heart as we fixed up our first home and then sold it to move into that second much nicer home later. The appreciation over the years is amazing and gratifying. I know Brenda definitely had the same thoughts about having her own washer and dryer the first place that we had too. It was great.
Keep the comments coming. It looks great. As a family we may be in Chicagoland this summer. Will call if we get too town.
The Collings family.

Mom Suzette said...

You make it look sooooo easy, but I KNOW THE TRUTH!!!!

BTW, I love this BLOG.