Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A long overdue update

Hello folks!

This update is long overdue! What can I say? Facebook ate my blog? I have been posting lots of updates there so the blog has been neglected for the past few months. Also, things have been busy busy around the Nemec house, so I will do my best to catch you up.

First things first...
Leo's going to be a big brother! To a little brother! 
I am 21 weeks pregnant baby boy #2 due April 9, 2012. We are super excited and think Leo is going to be a great big brother!

Lil bro, I will teach you how to be cool.

So far, my pregnancy is going great. I was super tired in the first trimester, but now in the second trimester, I am energized and feeling good. Now that we know we are cooking a little boy, it is time to get down to business -- picking a name and painting the nursery (will be the second upstairs room, formerly known as the comic room, which has moved to the basement). I think we may also paint Leo's room too, we'll see!

A quick photo montage from the past few months...

JULY: Leo turned 1!

Birthday trip to the zoo
Sesame Street themed birthday

AUGUST: Leo @ 13 months

Leo channels Bret Michaels
Happy guy after a bath

SEPTEMBER: Leo @ 14 months

Reading with Mom
Ready for football season! Practicing running the Oscar.

OCTOBER: Leo @ 15 months

Leo does Honolulu!

Beautiful beach babies

Family photo op on the beach ... even baby #2 is there in the bump!

Leo the pumpkin trick-or-treats!

Hi Grandpa!

Leo gets candy. Grandpa gets a hug.

Leo says "What is this for again?"

Leo with Grandma and Grandpa

NOVEMBER: Leo @ 16 months

Dad and his favorite Chicago Bear

No more bottles for this big boy! (Leo, not Daddy)

A Saturday morning nap with Daddy man.

Checking out the tree -- he loves it! And loves the "choo choo" that goes around it.

Masse family Christmas: A little under the weather but still found time
to snuggle with Pepere for a story.

You were right Memere, this carpet IS nice!

10 of the 15 Masse cousins!

Dad instigates the horse play at Memere's house and Leo is glad to grab
a pillow and join in the merriment!

Leo is growing up so fast! 
He is such a joy. 
At 16 months, we are off the bottle (hooray!) 
and will be working on loosing the pacifier 
over Christmas break.
He is saying lots of words --
aside from the normal ones,
some of our favorites are:
Cookie (as in Monster), Elmo, Zoe, Big Bird,
turtle, yak, shoes, socks, hat, coat 
poo poos and pee pees! 
We are not pushing potty training
but Leo is starting to tell us when
he goes, so that is a start!
He's still doing great at daycare and
surprises us daily with new things
that he learns.

He loves:
Elmo, books, flash cards, trucks, Elmo, puzzles,
Elmo and baths! (I can hear him splashing
around with Dad now!)

He is going to be a great big brother!
He kisses Mom's tummy and we are starting
to talk about his little brother each day.

In other news ...
We are really enjoying our new basement and
have finally unpacked most of the items that were
stored in our garage. Daddy has moved
all his comics down in to his new room and 
is loving it. We have a little more decorating
to do and hope to share some pictures soon.

That's all for now!

C, A, L and baby boy 

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Kate said...

Leo is looking so big and like a little boy, not a baby. I can't wait to see the new baby's room.