Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Leo: Three Months Old

Leo is 14 weeks old!
That's 3 months, 2 weeks old!
He's getting SOOOOO big.
Mommy went back to work and
Leo is doing well with the babysitter.
On Wednesdays, he goes to Grandma
and Grandpa's house, which he loves!
He is "chatting" up a storm and
has rolled over from tummy to back.
Leo was obsessed with "raspberries" for a week
but now, that is "soooo 12 weeks old".

Here are some pics and videos
from the past few weeks.


 Monday night football with Dad

Getting ready to go to the sitter's

Happy boy playing with Mom

Isn't he dapper!

One night where we tested unswaddled sleep
(didn't last long due to wacky wavy arms!)

Play date with Ethan...

And Lucas! (holding hands... awww!)

Playing with Mom

And with Dad!

Getting toasty for a walk on a brisk day

Zonked and toasty after the walk

Play date with Colin

Taking time to smell the roses with Dad

Enjoying the backyard

Not too sure about this pumpkin

Smiles McGiles with Grandma

Cheering on Grandpa as he waters the plants

Getting ready for travels

Reading some Entertainment Weekly in the Bumbo

Loves his big boy chair!

Some videos:

Leo rolls:

Chatting with Dad before bed:

Leo squeals (and Dad tries to be sneaky
about video taping):

Leo in his imaginary car:

Fun with paper at the doctor's office:

Leo makes raspberries:

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Susan said...

You make the BEST videos! I enjoy every one of them!