Monday, August 16, 2010

Leo: 4 weeks old

Hello everyone!
We can't believe it has already been one month since Leo arrived! How time flies!

While this blog is typically used for updates on home improvements, with our new bambino, there is not a lot of home projects going on. So, we thought we'd update you on our LEO PROJECT!
Since this is our first update, it is a little long. Hope you enjoy it.

I have also posted a separate post below with Leo's Birth Story.

Birth to Four Weeks Highlights
It has been a great first four weeks with Leo. Being parents and taking care of a tiny baby is definitely a tough job -- but it gets easier everyday. Plus, it certainly makes it easier when that tiny baby is SO CUTE.

Leo's had lots of visitors! Here are just a few:

Aunt Sara and Cousin Isabella
Mommy with Cousin Austin and Leo. The oldest Masse grandchild, Austin, with the youngest, Leo! Leo is sitting in Austin's baseball glove.
Cousin Kaelyn. She, Auntie Christine and Cousin Austin 
came all the way from Hawaii just to meet Leo!

Leo has a pretty mellow disposition (he gets this from Daddy) and is a very good baby. He doesn't cry a lot -- only when he is tired, hungry, lonely or has a dirty diaper -- he definitely doesn't like being dirty (he gets this from Mommy!). He is also an excellent napper and sleeper. He has been sleeping in 4-5 hour stretches at night which is great. 

He also looks just like Daddy, with Mommy's dimples.

Big yawn! Yep, handsome like daddy!

Before he was a week old, Leo was baptized. It was a wonderful celebration with family and he did a smashing job. Here are a few pics of the day:

Getting dressed in Daddy's christening gown
The baptism with Godfather Uncle Joe and 
Godmother Auntie Christine

A more recent picture of Leo dressed 
in Memere and Mommy's christening gown

Despite some issues early on with jaudice, Leo is healthy and growing bigger everyday. His stats from his one month appointment:
  • Weight: 8 lbs 11 oz (20% percentile)
  • Height: 22 in (70% percentile)
  • Head: 50% percentile
So... he is long, lean with an average head!

Leo sunbathing during his first week to help 
with his jaundice. Keiki the Lion stands guard.

At one month, Leo is very alert and loves to play and smile.

With Daddy in matching Superman shirts
We spend a lot of time listening to music on Pandora, which he seems to like. 

Under the play gym, listening to the Bee Gees
Play gym close-up!
In a onsie made by Aunt Katie
Rockin' out in the bouncy seat

And of course, Daddy is very silly so that is very entertaining for Leo (and Mommy too).

Daddy and Grandma being silly with one of Mommy's childhood dolls. Daddy thinks this doll looks like Chucky. So imagine all the fun he has with it.

Leo is instantly calmed when he lays next to Mommy or Daddy. And he loves story time with Daddy -- Daddy reads both children's books AND comic books!

Story time with Daddy
A few more pics:

Mommy and Leo visit Daddy at work
He likes baths and kicking his little legs in the water
After his bath

Some Leo videos

One month picture outtakes from August 15
Compare these pics to the ones in the post below and you can see how much he's grown!

Well, that's all for now. I plan to post at least once a month with Leo updates. Stay tuned for more!

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Kate said...

He is too cute and already looks so big! I love the picture of him all swaddled up and reading with Adam.

Adam said...

I have to concur. I too love the photo of Leo and Adam reading together.

Jo said...

Wow! He is a gorgeous baby! Look at those big blue eyes :) Obviously a happy, intelligent guy.