Sunday, June 13, 2010

31-36 weeks... and basement waterproofing


Time for an update! This could be one of our last posts before the big day. As of tomorrow, I am full-term -- 37 weeks. We can hardly believe it! I am hoping to make it to 40 weeks so we can get some loose ends at home and work tied up before the little guy arrives.

Here's what's up:

Maternity photo shoot:
We were lucky enough to schedule a photo session with Amy Tripple Photography at the last minute right around 34 weeks. I had been thinking about doing this, but when Adam said "We should probably capture this moment" (aww) that pushed me to make the appointment. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day:

Bump progress:
And here are our weekly bump shots...

As you can see, I think I have "dropped". I haven't noticed much of a change. But then I saw these pictures. I think it looks like I am carrying lower.

I feel great, except for the nightly swollen feet and calves -- but this is par for the course, I am told. I am now seeing the doctor weekly, every Tuesday morning.

As of this past week, at 36 weeks:
  • The boy is in "ready" position, head down
  • Heartbeat was strong
  • I am not dilated at all
So, everything is going great. I have been really lucky to have a smooth pregnancy so I feel really fortunate. We are getting really excited to welcome our baby boy into the world.

And for those of you wondering, I still have an "innie" -- but barely. It is kind of flat, neither in or out. And, though I didn't think I had it, I guess I kind of have the linea nigra (line going down my tummy).

We hope to post one more time before baby comes... hopefully next weekend... to show pictures of the nursery. It is not quite ready yet, but hubby and I hope to work on it during the next week. Stay tuned.

Basement waterproofing:
As I mentioned in the last post, as part of our eventual total basement rehab, we decided to have the basement waterproofed this year. This required tearing up the basement, moving all of our belongings to the center of the space and covering them in plastic before Perma Seal came out to do their part. This grueling work was all done by Adam and his dad. It was a ton of work and they did a GREAT job.

Here is the basement before cleaning and packing:

And here is the cleaning/tear-out process:

Me, acting like I am doing something (I helped a little).

Adam did all of the hard work. As you can from these pics, it was very dirty and dusty.

Basement stairs sealed off because three stairs need to be removed for the process. A big thanks to Adam's dad for all of his help with this as well! He did a fair amount of the tear out, along with moving our washer, dryer and hot water tank.

Here are all of our basement belongings, moved to the center and covered in plastic (Dexter, anyone?):

Bottom basement stairs removed:

Everything is ready:

More plastic covered stuff:

And then, the big day:
  • Perma Seal arrives, digs a trench around the inside perimeter of the basement
  • Installs an interior drain tile and sump pump system
  • Backfills trench with gravel and covers it with concrete
  • Installs a whole basement dehumidifier
Some pics:

Broken concrete being hauled out. Against the garage, you can see all the debris from the basement tear out.

The sump:

Jackhammering the trench:

Drainage system going in:

We also had a couple of cracks repaired:

As you can see, a very dusty process:

Trench in:

Going around the fireplace:

Back filling the trench with gravel:

Crack outside repaired:

Spot where the sump pump drains out to the backyard:

An interior trench drain to collect water that seeps in the back door and direct it to the sump:

The finished sump pump system and giant dehumidifier:

Finished work, trench covered in new concrete:

So, after all of this work... and dust... you can imagine how happy we were when we discovered this after a big rain...

Water seeping in and going around the interior trench drain, and across our basement floor, into the center drain.

Um yeah. We were not happy about this. The good thing is Perma Seal is a very reputable company, and they will be correcting this problem. The bad thing: they are coming on July 2nd to do it (three days before my due date). And they will have to bust up some of the concrete again to fix it. Ugh. We are not too happy about the timing, so I will give them a buzz tomorrow to see if they can squeeze us in a little earlier.

All in all, while it was a tough project, it will be good in the long run. The system has a lifetime guarantee that stays with the house. If any water passes by the system, Perma Seal will fix it it. Plus, with the new dehumidifier, the basement is very dry.

Over the next year, we hope to finish this project little by little. We' like to keep the floor plan open for the most part, but maybe add a small room for Adam's comics, as well as a small bathroom. My hope is that, by the time the little guy is toddling around, the basement will be put back together so we can let him run wild downstairs. But for now and foreseeable future, the basement will basically stay the way it is -- a pile of stuff covered in plastic -- and we'll only go downstairs for laundry.

I think that's it for now. I hope to update next weekend with some nursery pics. Then, after that, we'll go "offline" until the bambino arrives!

Ta ta!
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Natalie Catherine said...

wow you've been busy!!! gorgeous maternity photos.. you are a beautiful pregnant girl!! good luck with everything!

Megh Knappenberger said...

You look absolutely adorable! Best of luck in the exciting weeks to come, can't wait to see pix of your little guy!

Kate said...

You look great, Carole! Good luck with the coming weeks and the waterproofing situation.

Susan said...

Great job with everything!

Alexandra & Family said...

OMG--I read your headline on my BB in St. John--and thought the baby had arrived--just got back today. Loved the pics with you & Adam--such wonderful memories (and you look amazing!!)--can't wait for your big day!! xoxo