Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bump Update

Hello everyone!

A short and sweet blog update for you. Today, we are 25 weeks pregnant. Everything is going great. The baby is moving all the time, and sometimes, we can even see him moving through my clothes. It is pretty neat-o.

This past week, I had my 24 week appointment. Here are a few highlights:
  • Baby boy's heart was beating nice and strong. He was wigglin' away so the physician's assistant had a hard time keeping track of it.
  • I did the glucose challenge test. This is when you drink an orange drink, much like the orange Hi-C at McDonald's. Then, they screen you for gestational diabetes. I *think* I passed because I haven't heard anything. But not for sure yet. I am hoping the cupcake, milkshake, cake and ice cream I had the night before didn't cause me to flunk.
  • I had record weight gain over the last four weeks. *glup* Probably because the last two weeks, I have had a piece of cake almost every night. Time to watch my sweets!
  • I made all of my appointments until the end of the pregnancy. If that's not a reality check, I don't know what is.
I also found out that there will be no more ultrasounds at the doctor's office. That being said, I've convinced myself, and Adam, to do an elective 3D ultrasound. It is scheduled for Saturday, April 10. At that time, I'll be almost 29 weeks.

At first, I didn't really want to get one because I have seen a few that are a little freaky. However, since waiting until 40 weeks to see the baby seems like forever, I decided I'd like one more peek. We're going here for the ultrasound. If you look at the pictures of the 29 weekers, that is probably about what we'll see.

And now, for the bump chronicle:

What else is going on?

Well, on March 10, Baby Daddy turned the big 3-3. Happy birthday Adam!

Baby's room:
Haven't made a whole lot of progress here yet.

We did pick out a crib:

Since, we're short on space -- literally, with the slanty ceilings upstairs -- we'll probably pair it with a three drawer Malm dresser from Ikea, which will also serve as a changing space.

Either in white:

Or medium brown, depending on what the crib looks like once we get it:

We also picked up a used glider off of Craigslist. It looks like this, except for the frame is white. The cushions are navy blue, but they'll be recovered in a new fabric, TBD.

We're not really planning a theme. I am going for a mash-up of sorts -- all different colors and fabrics. Here are a few prints I bought from, along with a quilt from Ikea and a random crib sheet. I don't know what I'm doing :D. Basically trying to have something fun and child-like, but not too "baby". We'll see how it goes...

Last but not least, my belly button is getting flatter and flatter everyday. I am kind of afraid it is going to pop out and that it will hurt. Adam says it is a like a doorbell -- and when baby is ready to come out, he'll press it -- like "Ding dong! I'm here!!".

Baby's name:
We're still talking about first names. As you might know, baby's name will be:
_____ Masse Nemec

We have a currently have a front runner and Adam is testing it out by referring to my belly with it.

Here is the dilemma:
Said name comes in a short version and long version.

For instance:
Short name = Reggie, long name = Reginald.

Short name: Joey, long name = Joseph

I am of the mind set that, if you are going to call the kid Reggie, name him Reggie. Adam, however, believes that the baby should have a formal name, and would like to name baby the long version of the name, even though he thinks we'll call him the short version 80% of the time.

Are you still with me? What do you think? Vote in the poll at the top of the page and let us know. And no, Reggie/Reginald is not the name we're considering. :D

That's all folks. We'll be back around April 11 with pics from the 3D ultrasound.

PS: Since this is supposed to be a blog about our house, here is the new spring bedding I got this weekend from Target. I think it is lovely and kind of vintage feeling.


Baby Radke & Family said...

Carole--you're baby bump looks too cute--nice to hear you are doing well--I say eat as much cake as you want!! :) - xoxo, Gina

Jayne said...

My cousin Cara named her son Benjamin and made us all promise that we would never, ever call him Ben. Twenty-four years later, he's Ben 80% of the time. lol And fyi, when I was pregnant my belly button never did pop out.

Kate said...

You look great, Carole! And a happy belated birthday to you, Adam! I love the crib you picked out and I think your mish-mash nursery will work together perfectly. Thanks to the quiz, I now imagine your son looking like Reggie from the Archie comics (

Susan said...

Some of those 3-D US look almost cute, but the majority remind me of the elephant man.

Although, I have to say that the longer the baby is in utero, the better he looks.

You look great, Carole! Adam is cute, too. And, he only has a short formal name.