Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Life Renovation!

WOO HOO! We did it!! Baby number #1 is due July 5, 2010!!

Sorry we've not updated the blog for some time, but we've not done much with the house or had much to say. However, with the new addition coming, there will surely be some renovation and lots to talk about!!

But first, about the baby!! As many of you know, we've been hoping to start a family for some time. So we are quite excited about this news.

Here is baby at our last ultrasound at 13-1/2 weeks:

This ultrasound was SOOO cool. Baby was jumping around so we will likely have an active kid on our hands come summer. We saw baby's nose, mouth, arms, legs, hands and feet. We even saw the some of the internal organs like the brain, stomach and heart. Baby's heart is beating strong too. It is so exciting. Unfortunately, it was too early to find out the sex -- but we plan to find out in mid-February at the 20 week ultrasound. Must to know how to shop appropriately!!

Everyone who's been "in the know" before today is thrilled. This is the first grandchild on Adam's side of the family, so his parents are over the moon.

Here they are. They want to be called "Gram" and "Pop" so we got them a little gift to announce baby (click photo to see bigger):

On my side, my family was excited as well. However, this will be grandchild #15!! Here are all the Masse grandkids to date at our annual Christmas celebration:

We didn't get to capture the moment when we told my parents because we were too busy hugging, but I've created this reenactment:

Memere and Pepere are very excited too!

So what does this mean for the house? Well of course we'll have to make baby a room. One of the top questions I've received is "Will Adam have to give up the comic room?". The answer is no. We have a large bedroom on the second floor which we'll use as a combo baby/guest room. So the comic room stays put for now.

Here is how the guest room looks today:

The west end:

The east end:
We don't plan on doing a theme for this room, but we have no definite plans yets. I have bought a few pieces of art over the last year:

This one says "Life began when I saw your face" with a baby bunny and parent bunny. So sweet.

So stay tuned for developments with baby's room!

We are also making some changes to my office that will be helpful when baby arrives. We plan to post an update very soon to show these changes.

With this news, we had a wonderful Christmas. Everything we do now, we think "next year, baby will be here with us!". It is so fun.

We went minimal with our tree this year. Adam's parents let us borrow their extra prelit artifical. We hung glass ornaments only:

Tree from afar:

And lit up:

Oh, we did hang one non-glass ornament, in honor of baby:

As you know, Adam is a comic enthusiast. So I've picked up some baby items that will make daddy happy too. Here is a little hat I bought for baby, modeled by one of my creepy childhood dolls:

(Note the outfit. Sorry Pepere. Adam says no Cubs gear within 25 feet of baby!)

And here are a few items we received for baby for Christmas. A cute rattle from Adam's Uncle Frank and Aunt Karen. And tiny baby shoes *awwww* from baby's Uncle Joey (Adam's brother) and Aunt Katie.

We're so happy to finally share this news with everyone! Thank you for your support!! We look forward to sharing updates on this "life renovation" with you, along with updates on the house.

Happy New Year!!
C + A

PS: A disclaimer -- we will NOT be painting the nursery "Little Boy Blue" or "Princess Pink". :)


Anonymous said...

great blog as usual. Hope to see you soon. Great first photo of baby. Amazing how developed they are after just 13 weeks.

Kate said...

Hooray! 2010 is going to be more exciting than 2009, eh? Congrats!

Jenn said...

Yeah! So excited for you! I hope you have a very smooth pregnancy! I'm so happy! Congrats!

Susan said...

What a great blog! looking forward to July!!!!!

Christa Donald said...

Congratulations! Children certainly change us for the better...I mean, they really are experts on this whole unconditional love thing and have something to teach us every single day! I'm so excited for you guys!