Monday, May 11, 2009

Lazy Monday (Blog Update)

Hello friends! Here is my lazy blog update!

Adam created that nice arrangement of wooden eggs on the dining room table. Cute, huh?

After experiencing another very chilly winter in our bathroom...

We are finally getting all new windows on the first floor!
Here is me, finally breaking down and covering the bathroom window with plastic (quite fun, actually). The frost and cool breeze pushed me over the edge.

New windows to arrive hopefully in a couple of weeks! Hurrah!!

Spring = time to weed.
Here is what the side of the house flower bed looked like after a long hard winter:

And now, plants and flowers are starting to bloom!

(Before you ask -- Yes, that is a giant tire track running down the side of our flower bed. Ugh.)

Our stoop has seen finer days. Adam has done his best to patch it, but it is dying. So, we've got concrete peeps coming out soon to set a new stoop. Here's how crummy it looks now:

They will use the old rails. Here Adam is scraping off layers of paint, so he can refresh/repaint the rails before the stoop is made. New stoop picks coming soon...

Here's Barry the Tree, just starting to bud a few weeks ago...

Barry with some baby leaves...

Adam's nemesis. This squirrel must be REALLY hungry.
S T R E T C H!

We've gotten a lot of rain too, check it:

We're so glad spring is here. Adam's got his new reflecting ball in the yard and the bird bath is filled, if you'd like to stop by for a dip.

Window and stoop pics coming soon!

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