Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy House-aversary!

Today marks the two year anniversary of our move in!
Happy House-aversary to us!

We've been starting to think finishes for the kitchen. So, this weekend we went to the granite place to choose our countertops.

We took a stroll through the warehouse and there was only ONE I liked. But guess what?

The price grades of granite were not indicated and of course, I picked an exotic stone (Azul Arun, to be specific) that was about two price categories above what we were supposed to be looking at. Oy vey. It was a beautiful, big patterned stone, silvery grey with some warm flecks of color. It was very nice.

However, we wanted to stay away from an upgrade. So I described what I was looking for to the granite lady and this is what we ended up with:

It is called Blue Pearl... although the stone we picked isn't so much blue as it is grey/black with silver/pearl flecks.

Here is a picture of a kitchen I found online that shows a modern cabinet (wood color is close to our cabinets) with blue pearl counter tops:

Now, we gotta figure out our floors and back splash!

We also went to Abt Electronics in Glenview to check out the Maytag appliances that Bill the Kitchen man suggested.

Of course, we like to be difficult -- we ended up finding a suite of LG appliances we liked better:

A little bit sleeker, cool handles and cool fridge. This means I had to email Bill and say, "Can we please get these instead?"

See *NEW* poll above... what will Bill say? Will he "okay" the move to a different suite of appliances? Will it come with stipulations? I will post a follow up after he responds. It isn't so easy, switchin' this up. Appliances have not been ordered yet, but we have to make sure these will fit in the layout and also -- find out if we can get these for the same cost (they are comparable in price).

Oh the drama.

Does anyone out there have LG appliances? Any thoughts? Good? Bad? All I know is they look cool but the price is right. I likey.

Two final things:

ONE: it is good to have a husband who works in special events. He brings home pretty flowers for the house when the events are over:

TWO: Here is a new print that I ordered from

I am super excited about it. Frame is from Michael's... Instead of matting it, I mounted the print to a piece of Martha Stewart metallic wood grain wrapping paper (also from Michael's).
They have really cool MS wrapping paper there. It is cool and CHEAP! A buck for two sheets. I am planning to hang this behind the dining room table (near our swanky silver chandelier).

Now, just gotta figure out what to do with the rest of the barren Living Room/Dining Room wall...

More to come...
C (+A)


Kate said...

Hey C & A,

I like those LG appliances, especially the fridge with the freezer on the bottom.

All is looking great. I can't believe it's already been two years.


Ami said...

I know I am not a fashionista such as yourself, but how about stainless steel for the back splash, I saw it on a design show … but they also had stainless steel counters?! Well like I said I’m no fashionista.

Adam said...

I like the dollar signs on the granite we didn't choose. Had they truly been engraved on the slab...I think we would have splurged and bought it.