Friday, November 23, 2007

Yes... it's official... we're suburbanites!

I never thought this moment would come.

We... have...

HOLY COW! This is big time. We must truly be settling into life in surburbia. This soapman was so cute, I had to buy him. Adam loves snowmen, you know. He is quite cute... and smells of Vanilla. We'll call him froth-ty!

Today, we ventured out to get our first (as a couple) REAL Christmas tree! For years, we've been using a fake one from Walgreens... it kinda resembled the Charlie Brown tree. This year, we decided to go for the real deal.

Here we are, at the Lion's Club Tree Lot in Worth. Trying to find the prettiest tree.

Adam tells Carole all about how to select the perfect tree...

Carole: It is freezing. I like this one.

Adam and Mr. Lion's Club man carry off our tree to the car.

Into the trunk you go! And it's off to the house!

Adam puts together the tree stand.

And puts the tree in the stand... how manly :)

A little actual tree trimming so it fits in its designated spot...

And now for some real tree trimming! The skirt...

Remember Frosty, our only yard decoration from last year? He's come out to help decorate. Pink sparkes! His favorite!

Carole hangs her 13th ballerina ornament of the night.

The finished tree! Looks a little lopsided here, but hopefully the branches will drop a little overnight.

That's all for now!

One last thing... We just saw the movie Lars and the Real Girl on Wednesday. It is fantastic, and also has a wonderful score. I highly recommend this movie! Check it out!


Mom Nemec said...

I can hardly wait to see it!

It makes me so proud to see Adam carrying on the "tree" tradition he learned from his dad-it has to be cold, and you make all the family members suffer.


Mom N.

Christa Donald said...

Hi, Carole and Adam! It's been a really long time since we've been in touch, but Kirk and I just wanted to say congrats on the house -- looks like the two of you have been hard a work! Kirk and I moved back to Champaign from Maryland back in May, and our daughter Julia Grace was born on August 11th! Lots has changed, and I'd love to do some catching up! Drop me a note sometime if you have a chance, and congrats again on all the work you've been doing on your new home. It's looking great! :-)

Christa (Rundle) Donald

Kate said...

Hey guys,

The tree looks great! Will the Charlie Brown tree have a place of honor in the basement? We still have our tiny tree, though we blew out all the lights out on it last year.


Jo said...

Hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as your Christmas preview seems to be!