Sunday, December 10, 2006

Winter Wonderland

Look who arrived in our front yard this weekend! Frosty!

My husband has been coveting a plastic snowman mold to adorn our front yard.
Not one of those fancy animatronic deals, or one of those super huge inflatable things --
a plastic, looks-like-it-is-from-1980 snowman mold.

And he got his wish. Look how happy he is:

This weekend, like always, was a work weekend. Here are some pictures:

Joe gluing down the bathroom tile:

Adam painting. The cream ("antique white") is the color for the whole upstairs:

Me washing the bathroom walls whilst rocking out to Journey (Don't stop! Believin'!):

I also spray painted the chandelier left by the previous owners. From gold:

To silver:

Now we need to rehang it and I need to clean/hang the crystals. Ooo la la. Fancy.

We decided against getting a tree this year for upstairs, since we are still in a state of renovating. However, our old fake tree from the apartment is holding down the fort in the basement:

More to come!
Carole & Adam

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Madelaine Masse said...

LOVE the blog!

Frosty is a perfect addition to the house. You two are doing a great job - keep it up!