Sunday, September 03, 2006

They're HERE!

Hi Everyone:

Here's a quick update!

Our couches arrived yesterday!
Here they are:

Remember that free dinette that was left in our house? Here are the chairs, recovered!


Upstairs drywall is done! Here are a couple pictures of the bathroom:

And one picture of the biggest bedroom with the drywall taped:

Here is the floor tile for the upstairs bath (the shower/bath will be all white):

For fun, here are some pics of our backyard:

That's all for now! Not feelin chatty today, so this post is short!
Happy labor day!
Carole & Adam


Anonymous said...

Qoooooooo...The gray looks so rich. Should be a nice addition when everything is in place.

Love those kitchen chairs! Nice choice of fabric and kudos to the upholsterer!

Mom N.

Kate said...


The couches look wonderful. I really like the color. The kitchen chairs look great too. Keep up the excellent work!


Future Child of the Nemecs said...

Ohh . . . I can wait to crawl on those couches and go pee pee. Te he!